Remember what was said about a comfortable and safe environment? If you`re on the couch in your pajamas in front of the TV, you may not want your roommate to bring guests home. What about the night`s guests? Perhaps one could say that permission is necessary if a party wants a hosting client. And you could agree in advance on a maximum of one night, unless otherwise agreed, in advance of both of you. This is certainly something that needs to be discussed before the situation happens. These are all things that can be a big nuisance to either roommate, unless we talk about them in advance. Smoking will usually be decided by the owner, so if your rental agreement says «no smoking,» make sure your roommate is conscious. If someone smokes, it could cause you to lose your bail, or worse. As far as the parties are concerned, you can specify that an authorization is required and that the party can leave no later than one hour. Here too, the owner may have set a «quiet time», so be sure to check your rental agreement while you tender for your roommate contract. What is your tolerance when it comes to alcohol, cannabis or other drugs? If it is written, it can avoid problems in the future. This roommate agreement is designed to help people who live together understand and agree on their rights, duties and relationships. It is recommended that all changes to the lease be updated in writing. Discuss the idea of a roommate agreement with your potential roommate.

Not everyone is ready to sign on the points line, and if you impose an agreement on a recalcitrant roommate, he or she still can`t comply. Keep in mind that this is not legally binding. One way to approach it is to ask the other person to list some of the things they would like to see. You can list the items you are processing and order an hour or two to get together and create a project. It does not need to be carved into stone. If, over time, it turns out that something is simply not realistic in the agreement, you can accept an amendment. Litigation between «occupiers» and tenants/owners: Residents/roommates cannot use the RTB dispute settlement system to resolve disputes with tenants, landlords or other residents/roommates. Instead, all legal issues should be resolved by the Small Claims Court, the Civil Resolution Tribunal or the BC Supreme Court. It`s a good idea to prepare your roommate contract before signing a lease.