This article talks about whether you are being examined, and Oracle is asking you for money for vmware. My advice is not to pay! And if you need help with the reasoning, you can contact me. VMware software supports the world`s complex digital infrastructure. The company`s cloud, network and security workspace offerings provide customers around the world with a dynamic and efficient digital base, supported by a broad partner ecosystem. Based in Palo Alto, California, VMware strives to be a force for good, from its groundbreaking innovations to its global effects. For more information, see Many readers face the vmware problem when they try to concede java. If you`d like to learn more about Java`s license, I recommend this article «How to License Oracle Java» For more information on the offer, see: Oracle`s cloud offers a complete suite of integrated applications for distribution, service, marketing, human resources, finance, supply chain and manufacturing, as well as a highly automated and secure Generation 2 infrastructure with the Oracle database. For more information about Oracle (NYSE: ORCL), visit The second part of this strategic alliance is a new extended support agreement for Oracle products that are run on VMware environments run on Oracle Supported Computing Environments. If you`re considering signing an ULA, the article «21 questions you need to ask in an Oracle ULA» will help you better understand Oracle ULAs, and the article «How to manage your unlimited license agreement for your oracle» will help you get out of an Oracle ULA. For registration, live keynotes, session details, news and more, visit or 1. There are companies that simply pay what Oracle says they should pay. If Oracle sends them an e-mail saying «You owe us 50 million euros», they sign an ULA or similar offers for 2-20 million euros. The client and generally the IOC/CFO think they have done a lot. As a general rule, these companies remain in an unlimited agreement or exit such an agreement with a large number of licenses. If you`re in an unlimited style of agreement, you don`t have to worry about this challenge. And I quite agree on many points you`ve made: -VMware is the hypervisor of choice for the vast majority of Oracle DB customers -Oracle needed this deal much more than VMware –Oracle Cloud doesn`t grow like other cloud providers (ie. MSFT, Amazon) – This deal won`t change oracle`s heavy behavior during licensing discussions – I`m really waiting for Google Cloud to be a reader to run Oracle in their cloud, and they would follow the Azure-AWS path to allow vMware to be one of their cloud bases. There is no magic solution for this, if you talk to Oracle license experts, they often have different answers.